Kaiser Elementary

See below for the California Smarter Balanced results for tests which were taken by students in the spring of 2022, and reported by EdSource. The tests form part of the state's California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, or CAASPP. Hover over colors in the charts to see percentages for each achievement level.

For some schools the results for student groups will show as asterisks to indicate that the state withheld the results because 10 or fewer students took the test. Scores are for 2022 unless otherwise noted. Data may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Tests were not given in 2020. Testing in 2021 was optional and results are missing in some schools and districts.

Subject Standard Not Met 2022 Chg. From 2019 Standard Nearly Met 2022 Chg. From 2019 Standard Met 2022 Chg. From 2019 Standard Exceeded 2022 Chg. From 2019
English 0.0% -15.91% 0.0% -16.67% 0.0% -27.27% 0.0% -40.15%
Math 0.0% -16.67% 0.0% -12.88% 0.0% -34.09% 0.0% -36.36%